Sonic the Hedgehog movie - Old and New Design comparisons

IGN has uploaded a video that showcases the new, redesigned Sonic model for the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog film. The video aims to provide as many direct comparisons the original model as possible. In their words, they'veĀ directly [compared] the brand new redesign of Sonic to the nightmare inducing, original terror.

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Tue Nov 12 19 10:53am
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But his arms are still blue! His arms are still blue! Don't look at me like I'm mentally ill, his arms aren't supposed to be blue!

To be honest his arms being that colour always bothered me. So now that they are blue, I actually find it an improvement to his design. Is it 100% true to the source material? No. But, to me, it's a good change.

You know people are allowed to not like the blue arms. That's their choice. Just because one person took it too far doesnt mean that bars anyone else from having issue with the change.

Sorry, a lot Sonic fans are just the weirdest. Sure, live and let live, but I'll still comment on it.

Not really, most fandoms have a weird side. The internet has a weird hate obssession with Sonic and as such everything the series does is waited upon with baited breath to post insane over the top reactions.

The fandom is no more picky or terrible than Mario, Zelda, MLP, Smash Bros, Animal Crossing, and so on.

It's more than picky. I'm talking weird. There's nothing I've seen to convince me that Mario or Zelda fans are even remotely on the same level.

Well to be fair there's nothing I've seen the sonic fandom do that the Mario fandom doesn't also do, or any other fandom. Even gross weird "adult" art. Every fandom has it and it's always weird and bad.

But why I'll just agree to disagree.

the new design of Sonic for his movie is much better compared to the nature aberration shown in the first trailer of the movie, now Sonic look more like the Sonic of the games.


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