Yuji Naka wants Sonic's original design for the Sonic movie to be included on the DVD/Blu-ray

Out with the old...

Yuji Naka, the man that helped bring Sonic to life, is a bit bummed that the Sonic the Hedgehog movie's original design has been scrapped. Naka took to Twitter today to discuss the new trailer, and said he's a bit bummed that the old design has been scrapped altogether. He was hoping to watch a version of the film with that Sonic in place when the movie got a home release.

Who knows, maybe the team has saved a few snippets with that old design, and they'll throw this clips in there as a bonus feature. We'll just have to wait and see!

Thanks to AlienboyVA for the heads up!

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Tue Nov 12 19 02:20pm
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yyeeeeaah, ok boomer.

Tue Nov 12 19 07:16pm
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I know your generation thinks its cool and memeworthy to mock anyone who was born before you, but Yuji Naka, really? The guy is basically the co-creator of Sonic. You can disagree with him without being disrespectful.

I mean, sure. I can understand that. Must have sucked for the designers of the original to go to the trash bin. And since it was already finished why not have it on BR?

Yeah, I actually think that's a great idea. Now that they've fixed it we can look back on the abomination in a slightly different way.

no Yuji Naka keep that nature aberration out of the Sonic movie anyone like that design.

Well since the whole thing probably was nothing but a marketing push I can understand why they would not want to include this. Too much work.

If it we still lived in a time of physical media I'd say they should take every bit of footage of the original design and bury it in concrete like a terrible Atari game.

Really? He's unhappy about the two eyes in the good model and he also wants this abomination to still see the light of day?

You're an odd guy Naka.


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