Grandia HD Collection updated to Version 1.00.52

Sound issues fixed and more

The Grandia HD Collection has been updated to Version 1.00.52, and it includes a number of fixes and features fans have been holding out for. Check out the complete rundown of what this patch does in the image above.


Tue Nov 12 19 04:49pm
Rating: 1

Still no option to remove the blur/smear effect on the sprites...

That's the reason I skipped it.

Wed Nov 13 19 03:45am
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What do you mean, isn't there an option to turn the graphics to the original pixel art ? I thought that god awful filter was optional.

My thought when this released was nice I love these games even though I already own both of them. Where is 3 though ?
Then I heard they were filled with glitches and decided to wait anyway. But what you've said about graphics worries me.

There is no option to play the game with the original pixel art. This has been the number one complaint about the release by far, and they haven't even acknowledged it or responded to the fans about it. It's a perfect example of how to not handle a retro release like this.

Adieu Fräulein Daneben.


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