Conan O'Brien does a skit about the 'new and improved' Sonic movie design

Oh dear...

CONAN Highlight: Sonic the Hedgehog shows off his new look but neglects to address one pretty huge design change.

Thanks to Andreslop24 for the heads up!

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Thank goodness that the poor Congolese children who died in cobalt mines so that Sony could persist in building the playstation 4, didn't have to live to see this.

"You know, you people could have directed your outrage at any number of injustices around the world. But you chose to spend your time and energy complaining about the design of an animated movie character. Based on a video game franchise. From the nineties."

Pokemon anyone ?

Wed Nov 13 19 12:29pm
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I expected a bit better out of Conan.

I hate the idea that people can't complain about something without people saying there are bigger problems in the world. It takes like ten seconds to say "That Sonic design sucks" in a tweet. But it probably took several interns an entire day or more to put that "Sonic with a wiener" suit together.

And this is one of those cases where fans complained and something undeniably good came from it so the whole concept falls flat.


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