Zero Punctuation tackles Luigi's Mansion 3

Zero Punctuation is back with another episode, this time diving into Luigi's Mansion 3. See what Yahtzee things in the video above.


For some time now, I think Yahtzee is mainly projecting a desire for Nintendo to add more story.

While also mentions the thing witht he money and cat (surprisingly not the floaty mechanics).

I just feel he's had the same opinions for quite sometime. I even recall his review on Samus Returns where he also said he didn't find anything memorable since there's little to no story.

And weirdly one of his all time favorite games is Portal 1, a super short game where most of the story is implied than anything.

I mean, that game talks to you. While in most Nintendo games, the characters mainly talk about the game mechanics and basic premise.

Yahtzee just likes games with stories. Remember last year when he got mad Smash was getting attention instead of super esoteric and slow-paced indie puzzle/walking sim Obra Dinn?

I guess it's no wonder why the game series he worked on was an adventure game, a genre where gameplay is inherently limited because story is a higher priority (and that's not a knock at those sort of games because I love me games like Monkey Island and the Strong Bad games Telltale made a decade ago, but that really shows why Yahtzee's got such a bias).

That makes me wonder then where he will end up standing on Death Stranding as it's less about action like Kojima's past titles and focuses even more on story and atmosphere than before (to the point some people call it "Walking Sim lite").

Those games he made were great, too.


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