Konami grabs a new trademark for Goemon

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Is it finally time for the Mystical Ninja to return? Konami has filed a new trademark for Goemon in Japan, and it applies to various “game programs” and “game software.” We haven't seen a new Goemon game since all the way back in 2005, and that one wasn't even localized. Let's hope that if a new title is in the works, it gets a worldwide release.

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Wed Nov 13 19 02:40pm
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That would be fantastic. Especially if it was like Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon for the N64. Just now I'm just wishing that one could get a rerelease.


Wed Nov 13 19 02:45pm
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Can't wait for the pachinko remake of the first game.

They'd totally base it around that strip show sequence that got cut in the EU and Americas wouldn't they.

Maybe they'll just put the Plasma guy and the hunky onis doing hula hoops.

Didn't they just release a Goemon game on Arcade Archives?

Wed Nov 13 19 04:38pm
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I hope it is Konami putting together a Mystical Ninja Collection, kind of like the previous Castlevania, Contra and arcade collections.

If they localised that to the west, that would be awesome.

Don't count on this amounting to much as it's probably just Konami reupping their trademarks or preparing to develop a new Mystical Ninja pachislot game. Keep in mind that the first Mystical Ninja pachislot game is what got them into the market in the first place and remains their biggest hit machine to this day. At best we might get a collection and at worst it's just going to be more pachislot.

Also, even if they did make a name game the teams that made them have all left Konami.


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