Details on how Shiny Pokemon work in Pokemon Sword and Shield, and the Y-Comm feature replacing the GTS

New tidbits on the next Pokemon adventure

Now that Pokemon Sword and Shield reviews are out in the wild, we have some new tidbits to discuss. Check out the rundown on two topics, Shiny Pokemon and the Y-Comm below. The information comes courtesy of USGamer.

Shiny Pokemon

- in the Wild Area, you find Pokemon in 2 different ways: low level Pokemon in the grass, and “strong Pokemon” walking about
- the strong Pokemon are 10 to 15 levels higher than you
- if you manage to defeat one, they cannot be caught with a Poke Ball unless you have enough gym badges
- these strong Pokemon aren’t random spawns and will always stay in a certain area
- if you come across a Shiny Pokemon that’s very strong, you can always go back to the same area later in the game
- Shiny Pokemon will also spawn in the grass


- in previous games, the Global Trading System allowed trainers to trade Pokemon online
- the GTS is not in Sword and Shield, but a new feature called Y-Comm serves the same purpose
- Y-Comm is available from the start of the game
- Y-Comm allows you to initiate a link trade, send battle requests, and perform a “Surprise Trade”

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if you manage to defeat one, they cannot be caught with a Poke Ball unless you have enough gym badges

Well that’s a bit dumb. Why bother spawning Pokemon you can’t catch...

You'd rather see the message "Trainer threw a Poke Ball! Pokemon broke free!" over and over? It's the same thing, but you keep your Poke Balls this time.

Mostly because if you run into a level 60 Pokemon in the wild area, catching that right away would result in storming the rest of the game very easily.

I think it's an interesting solution, could be adjusted more, but ultimately I think that it's fair.

The Pokemon could not respond to the trainer, like a Pokemon received in a trade, until you have the badges.

Battling and managing to catch an “over powered” Pokemon should be the reward for that achievement.

In past games I’ve encounter high level legendaries early and they’ve been an absolute challenge to catch and a great reward for that challenge. Didn’t enable me to storm the game or anything. Remember, the post said these Pokemon would be 10-15 levels higher. Not like you’d be able to catch level 70 while everything else is level 10.

light wolf
Wed Nov 13 19 07:32pm
(Updated 1 time)

I'm very worried about the lack of GTS in this game. To me, it's been a crucial part of the Pokémon experience since the DS days, and it's how I managed to complete my Living Dex.

I guess they'll implement the GTS in Pokémon Home? Which is... questionable, to be honest. Not because I don't like it being there (it's great!), but because they'd be forcing people to subscribe to it to use what has been a basic feature of the franchise since 2006.

I guess we'll have to wait and see how the online trading in this game works. Just two more days!

There's no GTS because the Y-Comm has replaced it. The Y-Comm offers trading, battling, and wonder trading and is all available from the start.

As far as I know, the trading aspect works as in Let's Go. You have to trade in real time, with no way to communicate with the other player, or use Wonder Surprise Trade, where you have zero control over the Pokémon that you get. So if you're looking for a specific Pokémon and can only trade with randoms, well, good luck with that.

It isn't really a replacement if it doesn't offer the same functionality. Asynchronous trading was a huge part of what made the GTS work.

TBH I never saw GTS as a great feature. Most of it was filled with stupid offers.

light wolf
Thu Nov 14 19 01:15am
(Updated 1 time)

You can always just ignore those, though.

I've made great use of the GTS over the years. It's one of my favorite things about the (3)DS Pokémon games.

EDIT: I was just browsing Reddit and found this relevant thread.


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