eBay's top 5 gaming hardware/franchises for Sept. 2019 sees Switch lead the way, followed by the N64

Retro Nintendo is making big bucks

Wondering what the hot gaming items are over on eBay? We have the data on what topped the gaming charts for Sept. 2019, and there's some interesting entries on the list. Check out the top 5 consoles and gaming franchises on eBay for Sept. 2019 below.

1. Nintendo Switch
2. Nintendo 64
3. Super Mario
4. Xbox One
5. Call of Duty

The N64 is the real story here, seeing a 205% increase over searches in Sept. 2018. In Sept. 2019, eBay customers bought an average of 2 Switch units and Nintendo 64 consoles per minute.

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Wow, I'm impressed. I bet an N64 classic would sell well along with a clone console with HDMI.

I've always said that there's a market for official repro consoles that are the actual original hardware and not just emulators. Even if they were in just limited quantities, I think Nintendo's ignoring a big revenue stream and a chance to make a lot of fans happy.

Why buy a N64 system when you can emulate it for free
Best of all, it's not illegal


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