Shin'en explains why they're branching out with The Touryst

Onward to adventure!

The Touryst is definitely a departure for Shin'en. We're used to seeing racing games and platformers from them, but why did they take on an adventure? Shin'en explained to Nintendo Life in a recent interview.

For ages we wanted to do an adventure game. We already had done several prototypes in the past, but we felt like we would need a real fresh setting to deliver something unique and unexpected. One of our prototypes back then was located on a small lush island, and we made jokes how nice it would be to go on vacation there. And that was the perfect idea! Making a game about being on vacation, but a vacation that goes strange.

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If they make it with the same quality and care they gave Fast Racing RMX they can make any type of game they want. I'm really looking forward to how this game turns out.

I'm looking forward to The Touryst. It looks like it has an interesting mysterious vibe to it, without necessarily being too creepy.


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