RUMOR - Pokemon Sword and Shield glitch causing corrupted microSD cards

Now that's a real issue

Nintendo and Pokemon Co. could be in for a huge headache with the digital release for Pokemon Sword and Shield. It seems that some users are experiencing a rather nasty issue that ends up corrupting microSD card data. Save files are stored on the Switch itself, so your progress in all games will be fine. That said, it seems the corrupted microSD cards might need to be wiped, and you'll have to redownload all games.

While not specific enough to track just yet, it seems Pokemon Sword and Shield crashing is causing this issue. In other words, any crash you encounter could end up causing this problem. It would be a nightmare if save files were lost, but even without that being the case, this is a pretty cumbersome issue.


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Fri Nov 15 19 07:14am
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Wouldn't be surprised if it's another lie provided by the people who get angry at those who buy the game.

Aren’t screenshots and videos taken by the capture button stored on the SD card for most people including myself? Sounds like a pretty big issue to me

I heard the glitch only affects people who posted death threats about Game Freak. Funny coincidence.

Only with the digital version ? I’d assume the bug that’s causing the game to crash exists in the physical version but probably doesn’t cause the corruption because it’s not reading from the MicroSD card.

Also strange that it could even cause corruption since the game wouldn’t be writing to MicroSD card. File system corruption is extremely rare on read-only.

What about people without a MicroSD card where the game would reside on the system memory with saves. Does that get corrupted? That would be a much larger issue. Hopefully the system memory is partitioned in such a way that only the partition with the game downloads is affected and the saves are still safe.

Fri Nov 15 19 04:21am
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From the comments, since people claim it is erasing game saves, which aren't stored on sd card, makes it sound like they are running emunand on hacked switches.

Fri Nov 15 19 05:25am
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Could it the be existance of Nintendos poor exfat support causing dramas??

Fri Nov 15 19 07:14am
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Wouldn't be surprised if it's another lie provided by the people who get angry at those who buy the game.

Fri Nov 15 19 09:16am
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This is less on GameFreak as it's more on Nintendo's very poor exFat implementation that they refuse to fix.

Fri Nov 15 19 09:58am
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thats exactly what I thought. Its well documented that the exfat support of the switch is flakey at best. ive had corruption a few times now and its a ballache when using a 256gb card Sad


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