Pokemon Sword and Shield is causing select Roku devices to crash

That's an oddly-specific issue

Now here's a really weird one for you. Multiple Pokemon Sword and Shield players have found out that the game is messing with their Roku devices, of all things. Turns out Pokemon Sword and Shield's Y-Comm feature, which is constantly searching the internet for other players, is sending out data packets that confuse the Roku, causing it to get stuck in a boot loop. The only fix right now is to turn airplane mode on on your Switch, or move your Switch or Roku to a difference wireless network.

Roku is aware of the issue, so it seems like they're going to offer some sort of solution in the future. As far as we know, Pokemon Co. hasn't commented on the matter.

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Sun Nov 17 19 03:33pm
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This happened to me the other night. I had no idea Pokemon was the culprit til now.

lol So that's what happened this morning...

And now I know what a Roku device is. Never heard of this before.

Thanks Gonintendo for the heads up!

I still don't know what a Roku device is, to be honest

Sun Nov 17 19 08:53pm
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Will it affect roku TV's from TCL?


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