Customers are finding some random things in their Switch game purchases

What's in the box?

When you head to a big-name game retailer, you expect to get the item you purchase. For example, when you buy Pokemon Sword and Shield, you're thinking you'll open up the box and find the game card inside. For Reddit user Au_rai, things were a bit different. He opened up his copy of Pokemon Shield to find...two copies of the game! As far as being surprised by what's in a game box, this is definitely very high on the positive end of things!

Unfortunately for Redditor SHADOWSTRIKE1, his situation was a bit different. He bought a copy of Super Mario Party from Walmart, and found weird bits of foam inside the box. Unfortunately, it looks like people are still pulling the trick of buying a game, returning it without the game inside, and making off with the game free of charge.

Moving into the holiday season, you're probably going to be picking up multiple games for yourself or others. Make sure to grab a gift receipt to avoid any issues like the Super Mario Party one above! If the game is for you, pop the box open at the store before you leave!


The second thing is odd - here every "customer complain" booth checks the products before taking them back.

As they should. This seems to some sloppy work.

I'm guessing after a return, the employee took the game so he can blame it on the customer

That can actually be. In that case they should need a system to check such things out.

"Pop the box open before you leave"? Aren't games sealed in a transparent wrap over there? As long as that seal is there, I don't see why I would have to worry about someone having nicked the cartridge


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