Pokemon Sword and Shield locks audio sliders behind an in-game item

Can you hear me now?

Here's a really odd discovering in Pokemon Sword and Shield. If you want to lower aspects of the volume individually, such as music, sound effects, and Pokemon cries, you have to find an in-game item called the Hi-tech Earbuds. Many fans are confused as to why this decision was made, instead of letting people adjust these levels right from the start.

There is someone early on in the game that can get you these earbuds, but numerous people missed that opportunity, and didn't find another option until much later in the game. Did you catch these earbuds early on, or did you miss out completely?

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Yeah I got them early but it’s still dumb the option is locked behind an in game item.

Still not as egregious as how past games locked running behind the in-game running shoes item, and you didn't get it until a bit into your adventure. I couldn't believe how long they kept up that practice.

I got them, I never thought they were easy to miss though... Anyway, never used them... I have no need for them.

You don't need to wear them

I think this is a fun little touch. Anything that helps lend itself to making me feel like a virtual world is real, I'm all for. However if this is the only way to change the audio (I don't have the game so unsure), then it does seem a little cumbersome. It would be nice to include a traditional option for features like this while also having the in-world option.

A weird decision, but I did think it was a cool way to introduce the idea! I wasn't bothered by it.


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