Overwatch game director would love to see Link in the game

You, Link, are the play of the game!

Overwatch: Legendary Edition recently released on Switch, and Overwatch 2 is coming as well. The franchise is reaching a whole new audience now, and the relationship between Blizzard and Nintendo is stronger than ever. Many are wondering if that could ever lead to a Nintendo character cameo in Overwatch.

Game Informer asked Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan who his dream character would be for a cameo, and he said that, "nothing would make me happier than putting Link into our game." I'm sure there would be a handful of Nintendo characters that would make sense, an Link is definitely one of them.


Mon Nov 18 19 06:08pm
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What about Samus??????

Samus would probably make more sense... but let's face it, Link would make a significantly bigger impact...

Mon Nov 18 19 06:12pm
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Unfortunately Blizzard would need permission from Nintendo AND China.

Samus would probably make more sense. Or maybe an inkling/octoling?

Meh. My attention span isn’t so short that I forgot about how crap Blizzard has been. No thanks.


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