Warframe's "Old Blood" update in the certification process for Switch

Bloody delays

Warframe's Old Blood update is definitely coming to Switch, but we're not quite sure yet. It appears there might be a delay, but it shouldn't be too long. Check out the latest from the dev team on the situation below.

The Old Blood: Update 26.0.6 continues to be in the Cert process, so it’s possible Nintendo Switch won’t launch alongside PS4 & Xbox One today. We're coordinating with all parties to see where we can help! We’re sorry about the delay - thank you so much for your patience. We’ll let you know here as soon as we have more info.

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My theory: Vacations at Digital Extremes (DE).

They crunched to get Old Blood ready, no doubt, and a vacation is well deserved. The updates were sent out for cert a week ago, and Switch unfortunately failed the cert process. DE tend to hold console update launches for Tuesdays, so dev staff was likely on vacation from the day the update was sent to cert until the day before Old Blood's launch on console, perhaps even still on vacation until the day-of. Either way, it would be a challenge to get the game fixed, sent to cert, and passed in so little time.

The main shame of the situation is that some people are blaming Nintendo in all of this. If my guess is right, I hope DE will go out of their way to set these people straight. Nintendo deserves blame sometimes, but this doesn't seem like one of those times.


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