'Widget Satchel' release date announced, coming to Switch on November 27th

Don't ferret, the game is launching soon

RALEIGH, NC—November 19, 2019—Widget Satchel, the ferret mischief game from developer Noble Robot, is finally coming to Steam and Nintendo Switch on November 27th.

Widget Satchel is a “Metroidvania-lite” where you play as a mischievous ferret on a space station. Sprocket is the name, and mildly inconveniencing humans is the game. With puzzles, platforming, collectibles, and gameplay that's easy to pick up and play-but difficult to master-players will be able to replay Widget Satchel for years to come.

Widget Satchel was created with nostalgia in mind by Noble Robot director Mark LaCroix, who said, "As a kid who played a lot of NES games, something that surprised me when I returned to them years later is that I didn't actually beat most of them. As a result, I felt robbed of my nostalgia for those games. I have no childhood memory of huge portions of Ninja Gaiden, City Connection, and most frustratingly, Gauntlet, each of which I considered among my favorite games growing up. I want a kid playing Widget Satchel today, upon returning years later in order to uncover the last of its remaining secrets, to have a fond and complete memory of the game."

Widget Satchel will be available for Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, and Linux on November 27th for $11.99 (a 20% discount is live from now until December 6th).


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