NekoMiko launching for Switch on December 5th, preloading now available on Japanese eShop

Another adult visual-novel on Switch

Mature Japanese romance visual-novel, NekoMiko, is making its way over to Nintendo Switch from developer Qureate. A listing is now available for the title on the Nintendo eShop, revealing the games price and details. Preloading is now available with a 20% discount, dropping the price to 800円 from its usual 1000円. English support will be available alongside Japanese. Check out details on the games story below!

Nekofuku Shrine is a small shrine located in a corner of Akihabara. It is dedicated to 2 cats that are said to bring in good fortune and expel any misfortune.

The legend goes that 2 cats came to help the revival of the town after a huge fire burnt it down a long time ago. Although the ancient and honorable shrine has stood in a quiet side street of Akihabara for hundreds of years, its surroundings have developed, leaving it with no worshippers for many years.

One day, a very unfortunate young man came to visit the old shrine.

The 2 cat-eared girls in the appearance of shrine maidens, could not stand by and not greet their first worshipper for many years. Especially one riddled with such misfortune.

The 2 cat-eared girls start living with the young man to rid him of his misfortune, but...

It turns out that this is the start of a somewhat eventful and sexual cohabitation between the young man and the 2 cat-eared shrine maidens!


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