Nintendo stock hits its highest point since March 2018

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Nintendo is riding high on a number of Switch successes, including hardware figures, and the recent release of Pokemon Sword and Shield. This has pushed Nintendo stock to hits highest point since March 2018. Today Nintendo sits at $49.54, and back in March 2018, it reached $49.62. It's very possible we could see Nintendo rise even higher tomorrow.

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Wed Nov 20 19 05:39pm
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The power of Pokemon.

Yahoo's chart says its the highest since May 2018

It's funny that Nintendo doesn't fully own Pokemon and yet, it makes them profit and yet, Pokemon go doesn't?

Wed Nov 20 19 10:57pm
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Pokemon Sword and Shield are published by both Nintendo and the Pokemon Company (of which Nintendo also owns a third). Nintendo also gets a cut from games sold on their systems.

Niantic develops and publishes Pokemon Go, Nintendo's only involvement is the cut they get from owning a third of The Pokemon Company.

Nintendo may often act as a publisher but they don't still wholly own the IP. If at all they were owning the IP, Nintendo could easily give Gamefreak the needed funds to like polish the games but apparently, they have some control over that.


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