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As this month marks our 2nd Anniversary of celebrating the cultural heritage and impact of video games, as well as the preservation of titles that would otherwise be lost in the sands of time, we wanted to bring something really special to the community that makes SLG a reality...

During the festivities you will be able to get your hands on two legendary and long lasting IPs, one originating from Japan and another one is an all-american classic that took Japan by storm!

To start our celebrations, we are proud to announce the English localization of one of the highest revered game series in the history of video gaming. We are thrilled to inform you that the Darius Cozmic Collection will FINALLY get a proper localization for the west - for both the Nintendo Switch, and as a worldwide first release - the PlayStation 4!

The Darius series pioneered horizontal Shoot 'Em Up games and was developed by the legendary TAITO Corporation in Japan. The first Darius game was released for arcade machines back in 1986. In Darius, the player slips into the role of a spaceship pilot, either alone or in two-player mode. The objective is to save the Darius civilization by shooting and fighting through enemy hordes, using the famous space ship the Silver Hawk.

Numerous sequels and ports followed over the years, setting new standards for Shoot 'Em Up excellence each time, from the outstanding soundtracks to the unforgettable opponent design and the innovative branching paths at the end of each section. The Darius Cozmic Collection represents the classic 2D history of the iconic Shoot 'Em Up series.

- the Definitive Darius Cozmic Collection -

A quick recap on what's on offer...

Localized Western Physical Releases
Only Avaliable through our SLG store
Now FINALLY avaliable for the PS4 as a world exclusive physical release
All titles and versions on Cartridge / Disc

To make our take on the Cozmic Collection as convenient for you as possible, we've done our very best to offer up several options for you to choose from...

Darius Cozmic Collection: Arcade

The Arcade Collection contains 4 different arcade titles in 7 versions, as well as an exclusive DARIUS enamel pin badge for 39.99 EUR.

It will be limited to only 1900 Playstation 4 copies and 2500 units for the Nintendo Switch! As mentioned previously, there will be no western physical retail release of this collection.

Darius Cozmic Collection Arcade includes 4 different arcade titles in 7 versions:

DARIUS (old version)
DARIUS (new version)
DARIUS (extra version)
DARIUS II (dual screen version)
SAGAIA (Ver. 1)
SAGAIA (Ver. 2)
The Arcade Edition will come with a unique DARIUS enamel pin badge.

Darius Cozmic Collection: Console

The Console Collection will feature 6 legendary console titles in a total of 9 versions, as well as an exclusive SAGAIA enamel pin badge for the price of 54.99 EUR.

It will be limited to 1900 Playstation 4 copies and 2500 Nintendo Switch copies respectively. As mentioned previously, there will be no physical retail release of this collection.

Darius Cozmic Collection Console includes 6 different console titles in 9 versions:

DARIUS II (Mega Drive JP version)
SAGAIA (Genesis version)
SAGAIA (Master System EU version)
DARIUS TWIN (Super Famicom JP version)
DARIUS TWIN (Super NES US version)
DARIUS FORCE (Super Famicom JP version)
SUPER NOVA (Super NES US version)
DARIUS ALPHA (PC Engine JP version)
DARIUS PLUS (PC Engine JP version)
The Console Edition will come with a unique SAGAIA enamel pin badge.

Darius Cozmic Collection: International Collector's Edition

The Collector's Edition is limited worldwide to only 900 copies for the Playstation 4 and 1500 copies for the Nintendo Switch, and contains exclusive fan items from the Darius universe:
Darius Cozmic Collection Arcade & Console game cartridges/discs for the Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4 respectively
Omnibus I CD (1997) by Zuntata
Omnibus II CD (2009) by Zuntata
Hardcover Arcade Book
SLG-Exclusive Acrylic Art Cards x6
Stylish Marquee Stickers x4
Darius Gaiden Instruction Card
Instruction Stickers x2
SLG-Exclusive Enamel Pin Badges x3
SLG Collector's Box /w Magnetic Closure
SLG-Exclusive Retro Arcade PCB Cardboard Box

The Darius Collections will be available in two batches:
Round 1: Sunday, 24. November 2019 at 12 AM (midnight) CET.
Round 2: Sunday, 27. November 2019 at 6 PM CET.

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So much effort and yet they still couldn't be bothered including G-Darius.


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