Ikaruga physical release on the way

Ikaruga takes flight

Nicalis has confirmed that Ikaruga is getting a physical release on Switch. The announcement was made via Twitter, confirming that the retail copies are in production now. A release date is going to be announced once all the details are finalized.

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Fri Nov 22 19 02:37pm
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Oh gross, it's with Nicalis.

That makes it a hard pass, sadly.

It's really stupid that after they were outed for being ran by a racist CEO who screwed over indies, they just waited and hoped things would die down and people would forget

Sadly, it seems they tried doing so and mostly succeeded as nearly every tweet they make have a bunch of hidden replies asking for answers on Tyrone's behavior or updates on 90's GP. The sucky part is, as someone who never played Ikaruga before, I really need/want this physical since they typically do a good job with them. But then I'd be saying that their shitty CEO can get away with anything. Don't get me started on those leaked PS4/Vita games from months ago that they still won't release, supposedly because they want to market them as special releases/last ever vita titles...

Gah, I may buy this from them and then just never deal with them again until Tyrone is booted. I know good people at that company and hope they somehow fix it like with MidBoss, but Tyrone ain't one of them. I don't blame people who decide to skip these.


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