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Nintendo Dream readers vote Wario as the character who would make the best comedian

Lots of farting, I'd suspect
by rawmeatcowboy
24 November 2019
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Nintendo Dream readers have voted on which game character they think would make the best comedian, and Wario has come out on top this time. Sans gave him a run for his money, coming in just 4 points lower. Check out the list of characters picked below.

Wario (Super Mario) – 80pt
Sans (UNDERTALE) -76pt
Mario (Super Mario) – 57pt
Kirby (Kirby) – 38pt
King Dedede (Kirby) – 28pt
Luigi (Super Mario) – 26pt
Alois (Fire Emblem)
Dr. Shrunk (Animal Crossing)
Pit (Kid Icarus)
Owain (Fire Emblem)