Check out the best-selling third party titles on Nintendo platforms in North America

Back when wrestling was king

We have a pretty good idea of what the big-name third party sellers are on today's platforms, but what about back in the day when NPD data wasn't shared as freely? NPD's Mat Piscatella has shared some data on the #1 third party games on Nintendo hardware gone by, at least when it pertains to North America. Check out which titles topped the third party charts below!

N64 - WCW/NWO Revenge
NGC - Sonic Adventure 2
Wii - Guitar Hero World Tour
Wii U - LEGO Dimensions
Switch - Mario & Rabbids: Kingdom Battle

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It’s kind of eerie that all these titles were once at the top of their game, but have now fallen from grace (besides rabbids). Now to see who will make their triumphant return!

I really believed that it would be Just Dance the first on the Wii

I'm surprised that No Mercy wasn't the top selling wrestling game on the 64.

wait, how's a third party licensed sports game the best N64 game, I don't understand

Guitar Hero I get as it was everywhere, but WWE? I swore it would be Resident Evil 2, Mega Man 64, or one of the many platformers Disney put on the thing

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