Pokemon GO 'A Challenging Development' Special Research available

Up for the challenge?

Did you happen to complete the "Looming in the Shadows" Special Research in Pokemon GO? If so, then you can take advantage of the next Special Research event today. This time around you'll have to tackle "A Challenging Development," which appears to be similar to the "Looming in the Shadows."

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If you don't get it now, does anyone know how to get it later?

Good question. I think we have to complete November’s quest before the end of December (in order to get this new quest). But maybe you’ll unlock it by interacting with a shadow pokéstop regardless of when, as long as you’ve defeated Giovanni the first time. So basically there is a new one each month, but you can only advance through them in the original order. This way everyone is able to complete them.

Thanks for the info Smile
It will take me a while to manage even the first one XD

I beat Cliff last night. Now I just need to build the radar and find Sierra again. 😅


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