Falcom says gamers in the United States are shifting over to Switch

The U.S. knows where the fun's at!

Falcom hasn't released all that much for Switch, but it sounds like they might be considering a change in their efforts going forward. A report from Falcom made a point to note the current gaming scene in the United States, which shows a sizable shift in platform. Numerous players are moving over to the Switch in recent months, and Falcom thinks this is a rather big movement. Let's hope we see more Falcom games on the platform going forward because of this!

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Mon Dec 02 19 01:11pm
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Things really do look good for Switch right now, but we have to remember that next year it'll have a new Playstation and Xbox console to contend with. I wonder what Nintendo will have in store for that time.

My guess is 2020 might be when we see the long rumored "more powerful Switch." My guess is it'll be like an Xbox One X or PS4 Pro where previously released and upcoming Switch games can all run on any Switch model, but on the beefier hardware there will be benefits such as native 1080p for all games when docked and smoother framerates for docked and handheld modes. I don't think Nintendo will go the New 3DS route of making some games and functionality exclusive to the more powerful model (like hypothetically making emulated GameCube games only be a thing for people who own the new model, like how SNES VC games were only available to New 3DS owners).

If BOTW2 comes next Christmas (and some other big hitters before that in 2020) they can wait for 2021 for the Switch Pro/NX/Ultra, but by then all 3rd party support will probably be long gone. So it'll be fascinating to see how Ninty strikes back this time around.

Mon Dec 02 19 01:51pm
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I would love to have all the Ys games on the switch. Ys 8 was stellar.

I still don't know if NintendoSoup is a good idea to keep sourcing with all they do, but if Falcom said this then they aren't really wrong. Switches are comfy and easy to use which makes them perfect for people on the fence about a new gaming system.

After all, I've seen parents in stores go "why should I buy my kid the Xbox One/PS4 if he has the other system?", but not consider the Switch to be similar enough for them to hesitate on. Most people I've seen buying it for their kids think of it as a handheld, which it pretty much is. The fact it looks nothing like the 3DS or Wii U helps a ton too.

I do think Falcom will license stuff out a bit more, probably. I expect Ys I-II and Oath to be on Switch sometime in the 2020s due to the mobile ports/basic nature of those games, and if a PCE VC or similar lineup comes out, we'll almost certainly get I-IV in Japan. Here's hoping they at least do that even if it's far safer for their newer in-house games to stick to PS4/PS5.

Oh please. Falcom has barely supported Nintendo and when they do, They mostly outsource it to other devs who make the most profit.

Not to mention that they can't find good devs to port their games. Like seriously, Ys 8 runs terrible on the Switch.

This would be more exciting to me if Falcom didn't also believe a whole lot of obvious crazy wrong things like "Nippon Ichi Software is good at porting and localising games." (~_~)


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