Switch accounts for 25% of Shovel Knight's total sales on all platforms

Talk about a major player!

By all accounts, Shovel Knight has been a huge success. The first game for Yacht Club managed to sell millions right out of the gate, and continues to sell to this very day. The game came to Wii U and 3DS first, but eventually made its way to Switch as well. Wondering how the Switch version did? Yacht Club Games' Sean Velasco and David D'Angelo shared some info in a Dtoid interview.

The duo said Switch currently accounts for 25% of total sales on all platforms, which they labeled as a 'wild' figure. It definitely is, considering how much later the game came to Switch than other platforms!


So the platforms are Xbox, Playstation, Switch and PC right? 25% would be about average then no?

Mon Dec 02 19 06:35pm
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PC/MAC, Xbox One, PS3, PSV, PS4, Amazon Fire TV, 3DS, Wii U, Switch actually.

Yeah what Pikachupwnage said and then Wii U and 3DS made up a good portion of ghe rest of the sales as well. Pretty sure sales on Nintendo platforms outweigh sales on all other platforms combined.

Now where is my promised Switch physical copy with all DLC included? Wasn't that supposed to come out at the same time as King of Cards?

December 10th switch physical release according to my bestbuy preorder.


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