Masahiro Sakurai praises Hideo Kojima and Death Stranding

Major praise from one dev to another

Masahiro Sakurai's latest feature in Famitsu offers up praise for a fellow developer. Sakurai has shared kind words on Hideo Kojima, alongside his latest creation, Death Stranding. Check out a summary of the details below.

- Sakurai says very few games manage to be as original and interesting as Death Stranding
- Sakurai notes that Death Stranding definitely isn’t for everyone
- Sakurai loves Death Stranding to the point of losing track of time when playing, and praises how the game was built
- Sakurai finds it rare for a game to mix its new possibilities, story, and gameplay so well
- Sakurai says the controls which can be difficult as they include a lot of button-hold commands
- Sakurai also says the UI is a bit difficult due to small text
- Sakurai mentioned that he does his best to avoid watching trailers or reading about something before experiencing it
- Sakurai didn’t know much about Death Stranding before playing it, but was really into it & frantically played until finishing
- Death Stranding reminded Sakurai of how talented Hideo Kojima is
- any game developers like himself are shocked and amazed with the game
- Death Stranding goes over common sense and brings its players to a new world other games didn’t explore ye

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I know it's not entirely related, but small text and button holds are pretty big accessibility hurdles for some people with vision or motor impairments. I hope this is something that more devs consider in future.

Wed Dec 04 19 08:41am
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So it truly isn't just an interactive movie, eh? Still skeptical though...

Sam Bridges could throw a package at opponents for his neutral Special.

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