Sony's Playstation 3 has been outsold by Nintendo Switch in Japan

PS3 is left in the dust

With the release of this weeks Japanese sales data, another Nintendo Switch milestone has been reached. Sony's Playstation 3 sold approximately 10.25 million units during its lifetime on the market, and Switch has now officially sold 10.43 million total units. The Switch is undoubtedly a sales beast for Nintendo, and the holidays are just around the corner!

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Why is outdoing the PS3 a big deal? Its bound to happen when you consider that the PS3 bombed so hard in Japan to begin with.

10 million doesn't seem that bad, the PS4 hasn't reached that number yet and it's a lot higher than the GC,WII U or PS Vita, it also isn't that far from the WII which sold 12 million units.

Its not the number that's the big deal but rather, the fact that news has to be mentioned that a console outsold the japan sales of PS3 which is.

If we're talking about wholesale figures like everything combined, then sure. But region exclusive sales?

The Wii did relatively poorly in Japan (especially compared to the rest of the world). It sold a lot in 2006-07, and then declined like crazy after Smash Brawl's effect wore off. It still did much better than the N64 & GC did there (5.5M and 4M respectively).

Also for context, the 3DS is still millions ahead at the same point in time in Japan. It also was the 3rd best selling console of all time there (DS, GB+GC, then 3DS at ~25M). The one caveat is the Switch is still basically at full price and is selling, whereas the 3DS needed that emergency price cut early on.

It's nice to see Nintendo doing good again. And not only from this chart from Japan, but they are killing it worldwide. And as someone mentioned, this could lead to more 3rd party spport, and we all know Nintendo needs that.

Wed Dec 04 19 12:18pm
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There you go again with that more third party support thing...

Look, I think the word you're looking for is third party parity not third party support.

Call what ever you want, Socar, it's still important (Nintendo can't do it all alone, and the Switch can't run all 3rd party games. All facts)

And this is Gonintendo, so they will post news like this..Even if YOU don't think it is of any importance ;)

There is a huge difference between third party parity and third party support. Throughout Nintendo's history, only three of their consoles have not gotten much of third party support namely, the N64, gamecube and Wii U.

So Nintendo actually did their best attempt to get third party support and a lot of them are best played in their devices(like the world ends with you for example.)

However, what you should refer to or atleast know is that the type of support they get from them is very limited. You're unlikely to see them get any one of Rockstar games come to Switch anytime soon no matter how good the Switch does and this isn't because of the power aspect but the relationship aspect which is apparent for many third parties when attempting to port their games on Nintendo products.

Many third parties just don't see the merit in porting their games to Nintendo consoles and there is very little Nintendo can do about that. Bottom line is that is what third party parity means and Nintendo is unlikely to get that because its stupid for them to get that and it is even stupider for us to think that they should because they won't.

For me support is when they actually make/port games to it. Call it whatever you want, it's a form of support in the end.

What would be perfect, as the Switch is now, is for it to get ports that can actually run on the system like MK11 and Outer Worlds as good examples.. Oh and Alien:Isolation looks so great I might have to get a new SD card since it wont get a physical release. But, as mentioned, games like RDR2 or Anthm or CP don't stand a chance to run on Switch... So, make original games for it. Octopath did pretty good I heard. Bayonetta 2 sold better on Switch than on Wii U (DUH) and I am sure BAyonetta 3 will do great too. Actually, it seems Astral Chain did pretty good too.

And if the system continues to sell as good, it it should get more support/parity/a helping hand/3rd party voodoo magic/whatevs and might live through 2021 even.

Bottom line: The Switch is selling darn good and third partes should pay attention to that...

P.S: I still don't understand why there sis no GTA5 port on Switch... That just baffles me.

Believe what you want. You're only wasting time thinking Nintendo will get that third party pairity when that is simply never going to happen in the first place.

I never said I believe it will happen. You are reading your own mind into this. What I am saying is that Nintendo can't do it all alone and need third parties to actually care about the Switch. I even mentioned in my last post about games that can't even run on the system. Pay attention now! ;) I wouldn't mind more games like Astral Chain and Bayonetta 3. Actually I would jump for joy if Platinum works on more exclusives for the Switch (and use HD rumble dammit). From my 11+ consoles the Switch is the one I game the most on even. So personally I am happy with it so far. VEry so, and it's getting better from what I see. But the market is not me alone... BUT! When 3rd party devs/pubs see the sales they really have to acknowledge that there is money to fetch there, so good sales is at least better than bad sales when it comes to third parties (unless you are Capcom, I guess).

You can twist and turn it as much as you want.

I mean, it's outdoing both the PS3 and PS4 and the trajectory is such that it could eventually pass the lifetime sales of the PS2 in the region if sales remain somewhat consistent. This shows that Switch is becoming the nation's dedicated gaming platform of choice. Usually being platform of choice gives it preferential treatment in terms of game development, especially when it comes to Japanese devs, who primarily create games for the Japanese market first and foremost. This could give them more chances for exclusives or at least release parity day and date with other systems.

Since the Switch can't run all those fancy AAA games (CyberPunk, for example, is basically impossible on Switch) I would love to see more exclusives. Games built for the Switch. We already have several and more are coming, but I would love for it to have more. Perhaps those "AA" games (no, not talking about alcoholics here ;) ). I actually think that would be AWESOME. And use more HD rumble, please.

There are some big Japanese publishers who are sucking up to the Western market, like Squeenix... But they also made Octopath for Switch, so... I dunno. Next year will be very interesting at least.

It isn’t a big deal. But it’s definately worth noticing. It’s fun to know that the switch is doing well. Hopefully it will give us even more third party support.

The Switch is crushing it. Next year is gonna be the test to see if it can take on the giants.

I got a PS3 very late (just a couple of years ago, actually). Mostly for my collection, but also for those exclusives.

One big bummer though: My controllers has such drifting issues I cane barely navigate the menus...


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