Fire Emblem Heroes - content update for Dec. 5th, 2019 (Version 4.0.0 live)

[Update] The latest Software update (Ver. 4.0.0) is now available.

Patch Notes

Book IV of the main story opens on 12/5. Clear Chapter 1 to receive Peony: Sweet Dream as a 5-star Hero!
New event, Mjölnir’s Strike, starts on 12/8.
Skills can now be learned and changed directly from a Hero’s profile screen.

List of changes:

Book IV of the main story will soon begin. The Order of Heroes enters the realm of dreams and confronts denizens of the realm of nightmares!

New event Mjölnir’s Strike has been added. Starting on 12/8 at 11:00 PM PT, players will cooperate to protect the Kingdom of Askr from Thórr’s army in the newest event, Mjölnir’s Strike! Score higher than the opposing army and claim victory to earn rewards. There’s a new type of reward, the Divine Code. They’re not useful right now, but use this opportunity to stock up! The first Shield phase starts on 12/8 at 11:00 PM PT.

New functionality added to the Hero profile screen. Skills can now be learned and changed directly from a Hero’s profile screen. Also, you can now use the Equip Skills function to equip Sacred Seals.

Aether Raids and Aether Resort have been updated.

Aether Resort has been updated. Three new songs have been added to the Concert Hall.

Some structures have had their level cap increased. Bright Shrine (O/D): up to level 5

The Arena is being updated. The number of extra points earned toward your score whenever you defeat a foe using a bonus Hero will be adjusted. This update will come into effect with the season starting on 12/9 at 11:00 PM PT.

Additional Heroes via Heroic Grails The following Heroes are available to summon using Heroic Grails: Rolf (Tricky Archer), Conrad (Masked Knight)

New weapon skills and weapons to refine:

Knightly Lance (Mathilda: Legendary Knight)
Arthur’s Axe (Arthur: Hapless Hero)
Lordly Lance (Clive: Idealistic Knight)
Resolute Blade (Mia: Lady of Blades)


[Events] The Final Results of the latest Voting Gauntlet event, Battle of Brawn, are now live. The winner is… Ike! Check out the special website for more details! (no end date)

[Story Maps] A new Squad Assault map is now live: 29th Assault (Infernal) (no end date)

[Story Maps] A new Tactics Drills map is now available: Maidens of a Feather (Grandmaster, Infernal) (no end date)

[Events] The first Mjölnir’s Strike event is now live (available until December 11th)

Brace: December 5th to December 9th
Shield: December 9th to December 10th
Counter: December 10th to December 11th

[Other] New character introductions have been added to Meet Some of the Heroes: Peony (Sweet Dream), Osian (Scolded Soldier), Mareeta (Sword of Stars), Eyvel (Mistress of Fiana), Tanya (Dagdar’s Kid), and Kempf (Conniving General).

[Other] The latest Feh Channel presentation is now live.

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