Pokemon Sword and Shield director shares a special message with fans

Hope you're having fun in the Galar region!

Nintendo has sent out an email to those in Japan who own Pokemon Sword and Shield, and it contains a special message from director Shigeru Ohmori. Check out the full email below, as translated by NintendoSoup.

“Are you enjoying your journey in the Galar region?

Everyone, are you tackling the gyms in your path to become the Champion? Also, I’m wondering if you are enjoying your time in the Wild Area where many Pokemon appear?

The Galar region was an idea conceived by many members of our development team. We wanted to make this a game all kinds of people could enjoy, regardless of their play style.

I hope you will cooperate with your friends and other trainers from around the world in Max Raid Battles, have fun in camps and try visiting other tents, and enjoy the various ways of playing the games through online and local play with your friends!”

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Fri Dec 06 19 01:57pm
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Was hoping this would be a message that they are addressing the save issues plaguing the game. Not going to pick it up until they work that out. Don't feel like it's worth rolling the dice with all of my Switch saves for what I'm likely to find the most disappointing entry in the series.

There are no save issues "plaguing" the game. It was a few people with a hacked switch that got screwed up, and because they lost their saves, they were obviously using emunand.

And don't go "They said they wern't on hacked switches!" 90 percent of hackers lie out of their rear end. I don't know how many posts on certain forums are "When is the next hack coming out? My Brother/Sister/Daughter/Son/Mother/Friend accidentally updated my switch!"

If there was a serious save issue you would have heard MANY more reports of people losing saves.

I have in fact heard many reports from players about this issue, and while it's fair to presume that some of them were on hacked consoles, I really don't think it would be reasonable to conclude that all of them were.

There's a website put together by Japanese players that goes over all the different potential causes that have so far been ruled out, including hacked systems, digital version as opposed to physical, certain types of SD cards, and having auto-saving enabled (which were all big theories early on). Having trouble finding the link, but if I come across it again I'll update this post.

In any case, I'm not taking my chances, and I think it's rather unprofessional of Game Freak to not make a statement acknowledging the problem at the very least, nor do I think it's unreasonable for players to expect that this sort of problem be ironed out.

Fri Dec 06 19 02:07pm
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"Hello Pokémon Sword and Shield fans! How are you enjoying your kusoge? Wait what's that? You can't use a Bulbsaur? Please understand, making a game is very hard, we are a small indie studio. [laughs]"

The Bulbasaur line (as well as the Squirtle line and the Alola starters and a number of legendary Pokemon) was found to be in the game actually, presumably to be added in an event of some kind.

But yeah Pokemon being the literal largest media franchise of all time makes a lot of their excuses wear pretty thin.


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