Masahiro Sakurai and Makiko Ohmoto (voice of Kirby) visit Kirby Cafe Tokyo

What a lovely visit!

Looks like Masahiro Sakurai took some time out of his busy schedule to sit down for a spot of tea. Both Sakurai and Makiko Ohmoto, the voice actress for Kirby, stopped in at Kirby Cafe Tokyo to check things out. The Cafe doesn't open until Dec. 12th, 2019, so these two got special early access. Must have been nice to get a quiet cup of coffee/tea and chat away from their everyday jobs!

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I'm surprised Sakurai didn't take this opportunity to talk about he's so overworked and never gets any time off because he refuses to delegate.

He's still young, he can rest when he gets old.

How cute~! I hope they had a good time.


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