Various Nintendo America internships now available

Start your Nintendo career today!

Are you a college student hoping to land a job with Nintendo when you've graduated? Nintendo America has the perfect opportunity right now, as they've opened a bunch of different internships for college students. Jobs include everything from different areas of game creation, to social media management, finance, and more. Check out the entire lineup here.

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Fri Dec 06 19 02:12pm
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This would have been a wonderful prospect... If this was during the late '90s to early '00s.

Nintendo of America is a shell of its former self, even moreso now that Reggie retired. This decade saw the likes of scum such as Chris Pranger and Allison Rapp joining their company, and look how that turned out. I can't imagine what type of millennial knuckleheads they'll be hiring this time...

Bold of you to out yourself as a GamerGater like this.

Why would you choose the two employees Nintendo fired, lol?
NOA now isnt the NOA it was 3 years ago. Massive flipping of the switch, pun intended, as they moved on from Wii U. Localization remains relatively faithful. No censoring of language and content (dont bring up the travesty of #FE, thats all on Atlus it seems) for their games and games across the board.

Relax, its just internships, and they'd probably looking towards hiring zoomers, not milennials, who have a much broader spectrum values and views. They are all holding fast to NCL now regardless.

Ohhhh tell your Uncles people!! Nintendo is hiring!

Would be nice but positions are for California residents only. Aint moving there for a shot, I think I have a better chance working through Golin-Harris


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