Wargroove devs respond to backlash over voice casting choices

An apology, and explanation

Chucklefish, the team behind Wargroove, sent out the above tweet recently, which showcases some voice actors for upcoming DLC characters. The tweet caused a lot of uproar, as some people weren't happy to see that white actors playing the roles of characters of color. While it has taken some time, Chucklefish has now come out with an explanation and apology for the situation.

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Fri Dec 06 19 05:05pm
Rating: 6

I wouldn't be surprised that most of the complaints came from white people anyway. Some of these people get offended for others who were never offended in the first place Smile And I say that as white guy...

Fri Dec 06 19 03:51pm
Rating: 5

Not sure why this had to be an issue.

Fri Dec 06 19 04:11pm
Rating: 4 (Updated 1 time)

What do you mean you’re not sure why it would be an issue? We’re not talking about a cast like Star Fox where they’re all animals. They should have at least attempted to use people of colour for voicing characters of colour. That should be true for any ethnicity, language or dialect. There are a wealth of people out there that can fill these roles. Yet we’re spoon fed the same voice actors all day long. Look if there’s a white person out there that can voice ten different white characters, that’s cool(even though I’d prefer ten different actors). Just don’t let them voice the other races as well. Put out a job opening.

Fri Dec 06 19 05:02pm
Rating: 3

Race is just a social construct, my dude. We're all the same people.

The challenge is getting others to not only acknowledge systemic issues, but sympathize as well. Folks who dont have to deal with these concerns wont often even consider them, or worse, take offense for being called out.

I'm personally torn, because yeah, fictional characters dont necessarily need to be voiced by people of the same race/skin color. But that disregards the lack of prominent, non-token, PoC video game characters, and the VAs who could potentially voice them.

If someone's looking for a specific voice, I'd argue it's more benign. But in cases where teams are so shorthanded on diverse talent, that they have to pull someone to do an approximation... That's definitely a symptom of the general issue.

I'm glad they recognized the problem, but since it appears to be an honest mistake hopefully most will forgive them.

Fri Dec 06 19 04:03pm
Rating: 3

They did nothing wrong. They chose the voices based entirely on the sound of the voice, which is what you'd logically do.

cheesus 2
Fri Dec 06 19 04:32pm
Rating: 1 (Updated 1 time)

You can't do that, bruh!

As a black guy i dont care and i tend to care about a lot of things.

Fri Dec 06 19 05:05pm
Rating: 6

I wouldn't be surprised that most of the complaints came from white people anyway. Some of these people get offended for others who were never offended in the first place Smile And I say that as white guy...

Fri Dec 06 19 05:03pm
Rating: 1 (Updated 1 time)

Seriously? SERIOUSLY? These are voice actors! Tey give their voices to non existing characters in games and movies etc. And many actually do a great job. Poor voice actors getting backlash for doing a job.

Did you guys know that Darth Vaders voice is from a black guy? OMFG, eh? Should people go all SJW when knowing Eddie Murphy voiced Donke in Shreck? =0

Video games are a great hobby. Finding "racism" where it even isn't, not so much.


Fri Dec 06 19 05:31pm
Rating: 1

I always wonder if these people ever realized who did Shredder's voice in the original TMNT cartoon. Certainly not a Japanese guy.

HAHA. Good point. Don't think Splinter's voice was from a Japanese guy either.

Excuse me! Splinter should be voiced by a mutant rat and not any human person. It’s offensive to all rat kin.

Fri Dec 06 19 06:07pm
Rating: 2

I apologise to all rats for my racist and insensitive behaviour. I should be ashamed, but I am white, straight male, so I do not know how to be.

The color of your skin does NOT impact your voice. So they did nothing wrong. People get upset at the littlest things these days.

Have people forgotten what the art of “acting” means? Honestly. Every other week there’s a new “only such-and-such people are allowed play such-and-such characters”

The “outrage” is always cherry picked too. If people put as much energy into their professional outrage on social media into solving real problems we’d live in a utopia.

Fri Dec 06 19 05:59pm
Rating: 2 (Updated 1 time)

Why was Samurai Jack voiced by a black guy instead of an Asian? Why is Carlton from The Simpsons voiced by a white guy instead of a black guy? Why is Linda from Bob's Burgers voiced by a man and not a woman? I AM OFFENDED

If anything, saying a character of a certain skin color or nationality HAS to be voiced by an actor of said skin color or nationality--THAT is racist.

Literally all these voice actors are white though. Chucklefish made a DLC faction of mostly dark-skinned characters, and then hired all white actors to voice them. Guess it's just a coincidence and they were the best voices for the job.

Similarly, the Simpsons had an all-white voice cast. The same white guy who voiced Carl also voiced Lou, and did basically a racial caricature for Apu. Grappling with how shitty that was is the subject of a documentary, The Problem with Apu.

Part of Bob's Burgers' comedy is the mismatch of having obviously male voices for female characters. But now that you mention it, Kristen Schall is literally the only woman in its core cast. I guess she was the only one who was funny enough.

Voice acting can be a white and male dominated space. People want it to be less white and male dominated.

Fri Dec 06 19 07:03pm
Rating: 2 (Updated 1 time)

Not sure why this had to be an issue.

As per the developer, "posting photos of our voice actors beside characters of colour without acknowledgement of the systemic problem of representation in the industry was insensitive and poorly communicated." So that's why.

Fri Dec 06 19 11:07pm
Rating: 1

Our society/culture is changing and growing more inclusive every day. While there may be issues with representation in some sectors of entertainment media, this one small instance is widely insignificant when compared to further-reaching media. If we keep bringing race to the forefront of a conversation when its not necessary, we reignite the spirit of racism. We can band together and stand against obvious racism in our society, but when we try to find it in every circumstance or situation, we just diminish our position of good intentions.

they probably are racist nazi types or something about left vs right.Its super serious stuff, should be on the news.

Fri Dec 06 19 08:25pm
Rating: 3

Funny how no one complained when Kratos is voiced by a black dude, but if a black character is voiced by an white actors then we have this stupid drama

Having only one example makes the exception, not the rule. Additionally, it doesnt seem like a good idea to make this a numbers game when "whitewashing" in media has long been proven to be a thing.

That's not to say there's no grounds in defending casting choices, or that those who dont consider certain aspects are racist... often, systemic issues of all kinds, tend to be due to folks not realizing there are concerns out there.

But it's not only one example, i just used kratos because it was the most recent that came to mind. there has been more people of color voicing white characters too, take for example Phil LaMarr, who voiced Vamp in metal gear, samurai jack and other white characters. James Earl Jones, who gave the voice to darth vader, who is white. There's more non white actors that voiced white characters, but i wont name them here the post wouldf be too long, you can check for yourself.

Instead of creating drama just because of the colour of the person playing the role, we should be talking about their skills. James Eal Jones did an amazing job as darth vader and i dont think anyone complained.

Honestly, if i was involved in the casting of a game, i would have done the same, blindly choosing the voices, just looking for something that fits the character, not letting my choices be dependant of the person's colour.

Gonna be apparently not the only one but yeah, if races were reversed, this would be hella racist to bring up. But since its against whites I guess its fine?
I think optics overall are pretty bad on this though which is why I'm sorta ok with them apologizing but not ok with some of the complaints I've seen hurled at them.

Sat Dec 07 19 06:44am
Rating: 1 (Updated 1 time)

I understand, for example, that black people usuallt have a harder time in the US at least because of the segregation regime that was in place just a few decades ago. For that reason, we need to take actions like giving special attention and funding for schools located in poorer neighborhoods with a large population of black students.

You know, things that are RELEVANT... And complaining about voice acting is not relevant.

But the way, you can be SURE that the people who are complaining about this have NEVER EVER talked about something like education in their entire lives.

These people don't know how the real world works. They just like to complain about pop culture on Twitter.

If they really wanted to help they would just shut up and be a volunteer on some school or hospital.

So, by doing the auditions blind the best people for the job got the job--and yet the SJWs complain.


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