Nintendo's Japanese graduate recruitment site includes various concept art and behind-the-scenes pics for multiple games

A rare peek behind the curtain

Looking to dig through some concept art, reference pictures, and behind-the-scenes shots for some of Nintendo's biggest and best games? Nintendo's Japanese website for recruiting college graduates collects all that and more to show potential employees what they'll be doing when on the job. Content for the Legend of Zelda, Splatoon, Mario, Animal Crossing, and more can be found on the various pages. Some of it has been seen before in various books, while other tidbits seem to be brand-new. Have fun sifting through the content here!


I didn't realize that they used motion capture for that BotW 2 trailer. Did they use it for the first game?

I think BOTW does use motion capture for most animation in the game. The key difference with other games that use motion capture is that they are animating faces 100% by hand. In fact in this image you can see the guy is wearing full-body mocap but nothing on his face.

Sat Dec 07 19 05:26am
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There's some awesome art in there!

I'm pretty sure that was is in the Creating a Champion artbook too.

I didn' know that they used motion capture for Botw. Hmm...interesting.


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