Darius Cozmic Collection getting new games, features, and more

Get ready for more shmup action!

An update is coming to the Darius Cozmic Collection to include even more games. While we don't have a date for the update, we do know that Darius Plus (PC-Engine), Super Nova (SNES), and Sagaia (Genesis) will be added to the collection. That's not the only content in the update, though. There will also be new gadgets (extra features), new modes, and additional English language support, as well as some other fixes.

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Not very likely but it would really kick ass if they added G-Darius.

Still no G-Darius, still no buy.

Note sure anymore but is Darius Gaiden even included? Other than that, it's still missing Dariusburst and G.Darius. The most recent is a 10 year old PSP game, shouldn't be hard to port over to the Switch methinks?

Darius Gaiden has been in there from day one. Dariusburst will likely be skipped due to BURST CHRONICLE SAVIORS being a thing


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