A new scene from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker will premiere in Fortnite on Dec. 14th, 2019

Jedi'll be there!

In what must be the biggest get for Epic/Fortnite yet, the company has announced that Star Wars fans will want to rush into the game on Dec. 14th, 2019 at 2 PM ET to check out a brand-new clip from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. With the new film launching on Dec. 20th, 2019, hyper is currently at a fevered pitch. I'd imagine this event is going to bring in a ton of lapsed Fortnite fans to check out the clip!

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So like, do you just sit in the back of the theater and just hope no one headshots you or tears down the screen with their pickaxe?

Usually when Fortnite has these events, Epic will just turn on God Mode for everyone, disable the game HUD, and restrict certain actions for the event.

Once the event is over, god mode is turned off, the HUD is reactivated, and the match starts up fully from there.

Sat Dec 07 19 02:48pm
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Fortnite and trash canon Star Wars... twice the crap, double the fall...

Tell us how you really feel. 😂

Sat Dec 07 19 11:54pm
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Is this suppose to be a reference to something? ...because I don't get it...

Sun Dec 08 19 11:27pm
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Oh... first time I've heard of this... in any case, no outrage here... just factual accuracy. Crap is crap, even if people think its fun... which in the case of new canon Star Wars, I just don't understand how anyone can think that crap is fun... especially when they have the original Star Wars trilogy setting the franchise's standards... it's like comparing Shakespeare to the hideous love child of Michael Bay and M. Night Shamaylan... even if you do enjoy both, how can you not recognize the obvious thorough inferiority of the latter?

No it’s the complete opposite of factual. I’ve no interest in Fortnight and have my gripes with New Star Wars but you’re not talking “factual accuracy” in the slightest. Look up the meaning of “opinion” FFS.

Mon Dec 09 19 02:39am
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Sorry if I hurt your feelings (not really) but if you can't see the obvious objective differences in quality between things like old Star Wars and trash Star Wars (the excessive rehashing and recycling of plot; the obvious dependency on nostalgia; the new plot driven narrative over the classic character driven one; the obnoxious maRey sue who already knows everything without any training and her inconsistent plot armor; the shallow, one dimensional sidekick characters; the "major" characters so pointless and lacking intelligence they may as well be nameless background filler; the bizarre, nonsensical plot twists; the way "people are stupid" is often the only way to explain anything; the weak attempts at cringey humor; the use of classic characters as a crutch before killing them off)... well, that's your thing, not mine... but the fact remains there are objective ways of determining quality...

Mon Dec 09 19 05:05am
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Didn’t hurt my feelings but clearly someone has hurt yours. Key word there being feelings. Again, nothing factual. Sorry the space pew pew movies made you so angry.

I do love the Mary Sue argument though. Just actually rewatched the original trilogy over the weekend. Luke spends a few hours on the Falcon with Obi-Wan “training” and then a long weekend with Yoda and sure that’s enough for him to go toe to toe and hold his own against Darth Vader....one of the most powerful (we’re told) Jedi/Sith ever. But sure waaaaa waaaaa Rey waaaaa amirite?!

It is possible to objectively critic something. You however did not. Try again buddy.

They truly are meant for each other.


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