Senran Kagura was almost named 'Ninjugs' for its localization

Dear lord...

XSEED has been sharing various facts about their company and games as a way to celebrate their 15th anniversary. The above, believe it or not, is one of the tidbits that XSEED shared.

It's no secret that the Senran Kagura franchise focuses very heavily on its fan-service component. Anyone who's seen even a few moments of footage from any installment can pick up on that quickly. Still, there was a point in time where XSEED thought they really had to drive that selling point home, which is why they briefing considered calling the original game 'Ninjugs' for its localization. I think we can all agree that skipping over that idea was the right way to go.

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That would have been a very classy title for a very classy game.

Sun Dec 08 19 01:48am
Rating: 1

Ninjugs would have been a HILARIOUS name for the series.

I have never been more glad to be a gay man than this moment.

Seriously straight guys, this is just too much.

Sun Dec 08 19 11:05am
Rating: 2

So what are you saying? All straight men are responsible for this?

Probably all straight WHITE males Smile

I realize you're trolling me and my concerns with white hegemony in gaming, but trust me when I say this transcends race.

No, but I am saying it was definitely a group of straight guys who came up with this under the assumption that it would appeal to other straight guys, and that state of affairs suddenly makes me very glad I'm gay.

What about tiddy loving lesbians? Smile

Sun Dec 08 19 07:23am
Rating: 2

Ninjugs peach ball...

Just imagine the lulz =D


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