DOOM/DOOM II being updated to include Final Doom, No Rest for the Living, Sigil, and community WADs for free

This is one hell of an update

Some major news about DOOM and DOOM II has been shared during a Bethesda live-stream celebrating the franchise's 26th anniversary. Some big content is coming in the near future, and you can check out the rundown below.

- updates for both DOOM and DOOM II
- Final Doom, No Rest for the Living, and Sigil are coming
- Sigil is a new campaign created by John Romero, creator of DOOM
- community WADs are being added as well, which will be available via an internal storefront for free
- aspect ratio tweaks and 60fps coming

Just incase you're wondering, DOOM WADs contain sprites, levels, and game data. In other words, brand-new content to enjoy in DOOM or DOOM II!


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Tue Dec 10 19 04:25pm
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Give me Chex Quest on Switch!!! That was a WAD.

This is stupid cool of them. Hell on Earth right before Christmas.

I really wish that we could get Brutal Doom on console, that's not a WAD though. Maybe Heretic?

This is actually a really awesome thing for them to do. Has the sound issue been fixed on Switch?

Yes, the music plays at the right speed now and I haven't noticed any other sound issues.

Oh holy crap that is awesome. I thought at most they'd just add No Rest for the Living since that was originally part of the Xbox 360 version, but to go the extra mile with Final Doom and friggin SIGIL of all things is even more awesome (Sigil is the newest of all of these was John Romero made it for the series 25th anniversary).

Wow, community WADs on even the Switch version would be a hell of a thing.

But that said, the Switch and other modern versions of the game rebuilt the entire thing in Unity. Are any old WADs going to be able to work at all, let alone accurately? We're talking about Unity vs. id Tech 1...


"Log in to Bethesda.net if you want these awesome freebies!"

At this point, I wouldn't be too surprised.

Signed up for GoNintendo, why not Bethesda.net?

Because GN wasn't forced on us for no reason ?

Awesome! I hope they add online multiplayer at some point.

When I was a kid I used to play an Aliens total conversation wad for Doom II. That was amazing to play but I'm sure that won't be added now due to copyright issues.

This is just fantastic. I have more versions of DOOM than I can count, yet I've put in dozens of hours on my Switch. It's really exciting to see this continued support for our favorite platform!

When all those updates are said and done, wouldn't it be awesome to get a physical release of all of Doom I & II? I'd be sure to buy it then.


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