DOOM 64 to receive a number of visual tweaks

Now you can see what you're killing!

Those who remember playing DOOM 64 back in the day most likely recall it as an extremely dark and hard-to-see experience. The game definitely overdid it in the dim lightning department, and thankfully the team working to bring DOOM 64 to Switch are aware of that. They're working on several visual improvements for the game, including the following.

- options from environmental brightness
- anti-aliasing
- filter options
- field of view
- blood color option

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I'm still surprised the game ever launched like it did. The developers AND the testers must have played the game in completely dark rooms with the game's brightness turned all the way up.

And then when Nintendo approved it, they said, "It's Doom" and rubber-stamped it without even trying it.

The original is almost unplayable on a modern TV. Glad they are addressing that, but I hope they don't make it too bright and lose the atmosphere.

Hopefully this one releases without the dumb drm that Doom 1 and 2 got. Never got them because of that.


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