Pornhub's 2019 report reveals traffic by game platform, most popular game/franchise (Zelda leads the way)

Shout out to you 3DS users

Pornhub has released their year-end report for 2019 to show what game platforms people are visiting their site with, and also to reveal the most popular game characters and franchises. Check out the relevant data in the gallery below.

I think the real shocker here is Zelda taking the lead above all other characters for the year. I'm not quite sure what caused that! Perhaps it was the Breath of the Wild 2 reveal trailer? Whatever the reason, plenty of game fans clearly have their eyes on Zelda.

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So that's why everyone says they "love the vita."

Smash Ultimate’s Zelda must be “appealing” to the fans

So that's why everyone says they "love the vita."

Congratulations, Zelda! I'm sure some champagne bottles were uncorked at the Nintendo offices today.

Wed Dec 11 19 03:56pm
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No wonder why PS sold so many units. Those teens got their parents thinking they’re playing video games on that console, when in fact, they’re using it for porn. Parents don’t know how to check that browser history.

Congratulations to Mario and Bowser for being the sole male entities I recognize on the list! Is Zelda as a series excluded from series searches? I can't help but wonder, do people that search "Zelda" get counted for the character, the series, or both?


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