Nintendo's Smash Bros. Ultimate YouTube playlist gets a new private video, fueling Game Awards speculation

Could it be?

Here we go again! Many people are hoping we get the reveal of a new fighter for Smash Bros. Ultimate at the Game Awards, and now there's the tiniest sliver of hope that that's actually going to happen. Nintendo's Smash Bros. Ultimate YouTube playlist has added in a new private video, and many are thinking it'll be a new reveal trailer for tomorrow's Game Awards. We'll find out the answer soon enough!


Given the show's history, I think I'd leave the show disappointed if Nintendo DIDN'T announce something at it. A Smash character would be perfect.

I have to ask, are the Nintendo announcements the best ones always?

I think aside from indies (they're ok), I don't recall as much big budget games from the other consoles.

Perhaps it is that Nintendo is still gamey looking while the others blend much more with movies and current trends that die off a year or two later.

I just assume.

I'm not some "Nintendo only" kind of person and even I can barely remember any non-Nintendo related announcements at previous Game Awards. Like I recall Bayonetta 3 in 2017 (along with Bayo 1 and 2 getting Switch ports), Joker last year, and that's about it. I can recall short Doom 2016 and Devil May Cry 5 concerts as well but that's about it. Oh yeah I think 2016 had one Death Stranding trailer but I kept thinking Sony showed that off first.

I remember A Way Out was shown, and Tacoma, but I think not a lot sticks.

Still I do remember the other aspects of the show. So I suppose there's that.

Well, one year they announced that you could play as Cranky Kong in the upcoming Donkey Kong Country game, and that wasn't very exciting. But Nintendo's announcements are still the ones I most look forward to.

It wasn't exciting, but people still remember it.

Even if it was bad, it has turned into a joke, people still make.

In this context I think not remembering something might be worse than making it a joke years later. I suppose.


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