Klonoa's 22nd anniversary celebrated with new art and a musical arrangement

Happy anniversary, Klonoa!

Believe it or not, its been 22 long years since the Klonoa series first came onto the scene. While Klonoa hasn't seem much game action in recent years, Klonoa director Hideo Yoshizawa and composer Kohta Takahashi still have love for the franchise. Yoshizawa shared the artwork seen above, and Takahashi put together a special musical arrangement, which you can listen to below.

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Of all the dead properties it feels Klonoa is the one that wants to return the most. It kinda feels sad the fans aren't as loud as other types of people on the internet.

I hope come the 25th anniversary, Bamco actually does something for it. Some of the Namco properties are so neglected. ;_;

Here's hoping for a Switch collection, and if we're so blessed and fortunate, a new game~!

How many attempts are needed for Bamco to do something about Klonoa?

Klonoa is one of the furry 90's mascots with the most potential that isn't Sonic. Great character design, but Bandai Namco never nurtured the franchise like it could have instead focusing on the fighting genre for profitability.

It's rather deplorable how poorly Bandai Namco treats Klonoa and always ignores him. It's like they want to forget it ever happened.


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