Smash Bros. Ultimate now the best-selling fighting game in U.S. history

Another record shattered

Smash Bros. Ultimate was announced as the best-selling fighting game in the world recently, but now it has garnered another accolade for its sales. Smash Bros. Ultimate, as of today's NPD data, is officially the best-selling fighting game in US history. Ultimate has now surpassed the lifetime dollar sales of the previous best-selling fighting game, Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Thanks to Andreslop24 for the heads up!


Good for Sakurai and team. With all the updates it seems it will have very long legs.. Not just in sales, but in replayability ...

If youre a real completionist with short bursts of game time that spirit board could last you years.

Drew, I've noticed. And they seem to be adding more in small doses too. And as hinted to above it's good to see we'll get more fighters and stages along the road. But it's it only that. Going from Smash WiiU to Ultimate it's obvious they fine tuned and perfected the gameplay. It's more "intense" now and I get a kick out of that.

Of course it's impossible to satisfy all the Smash fans with new fighters I got Bayonetta, Ryu etc...But I sure could go for TErra from FF6) but the detail and passion and lore they do put into the characters are really great. Terry and I have become a damn good team.

And come on! o where else can Mario, Zelda, Samus, Bayonetta, Terry, Joker, Mega Man and Piranha Plant fight it out in Midgard with all odd objects making chasos such a joy =)

Also great for "hardcore" and "casual" gamers alike.Well done!

Now for some awards.



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