Bravely Default II announced for Switch, due out 2020

An original RPG experience is coming to Nintendo Switch in 2020 from the team that brought you the Bravely series and Octopath Traveler, and featuring music from Revo, acclaimed composer of the original Bravely Default soundtrack. A new world, a new story and all-new Heroes of Light await!

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FINALLY. Though the name's a bit confusing, I at least hope this finally resolves the cliffhanger at the end of second... Been waiting for four years.

I didn't spot any of the OG cast... so you might have to keep waiting.

Fri Dec 13 19 12:28am
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Well, (BSEL spoilers)


To put my follow-up in another spoiler tag...


Also, I understand the frustration with waiting; Golden Sun has been on a cliffhanger for nearly a decade in the form of


Just be happy BD sold well enough to get this sequel at all.

The game's gonna be super fun either way and I bet the story will be great so I have faith something will come of it, even if it's a small step instead of a big leap like Second was on Default's ending

Fair enough. Just wanna make sure to temper your expectations; personally I'd rather be a surprised pessimist than a disappointed optimist. But eh, to each their own.

It's like Xenoblade Chronicles 2 all over again. I wish they would stop putting numbers on the end of titles and just give every sequel a subtitle. Subtitles are much better.

If it means having to deal with subtitles as ridiculous as most Dragon Quest games, then I think I'd rather have a number slapped on the end.

Super neat! Can't wait to see more.

That name had me thinking I was stroking out for a bit. "Original experience"? Didn't they already have a second Bravely Default game?"

No, they had a Bravely Second game.

Was it a first Bravely Second game or a second Bravely Second game?


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