Solving the mystery of Super Monkey Ball's announcer

Ready? GO!

Did you know that the original announcer from Super Monkey Ball and its sequel isn't credited in the game? The silly voice that narrated much of the game's action is ingrained in the minds of many fans, which has lead to some wondering just who was behind it. Turns out getting the answer isn't that easy! Set aside some time to watch the above mini-doc about trying to hunt down the man who recorded those lines. I watched the whole thing, and I promise it's worth your time!


This is a surprisingly interesting video.

I really enjoyed this too.

Nick Robinson is one of those guys who makes documentary and investigation videos no one asked for but I'm glad he made them anyway. Like the one where he goes way above and beyond to find out why the famous Hatsune Miku Dominos ad isn't on YouTube anymore (turns out the CEO of Dominos Japan in that ad retired so they likely took the ad down because it no longer reflects current management), to talking about why Hideki Kamiya blocks anyone who tweets at him. Hell even when hit with something really bad (his old apartment caught on fire and a lot of his stuff got burned) he still managed to find a way to make the situation not to serious to his viewers by making a video where he goes through his burned apartment while pretending he's exploring the house from Resident Evil 7.


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