Modder incorporates a Switch dock into an Arcade1up cabinet

A real Switch arcade experience!

SWITCH + MAME Update - The only way to play Smash! from r/Arcade1Up

Okay, this is a super impressive idea for a mod. Arcade1up has been releasing a series of various mini-arcade cabinets that are roughly 25% smaller than what you'd actually find in the arcade. They're meant to bring a bit of the arcade experience into your home, as you can see in the video above.

These cabinets only ever offer a handful of games at most, meaning you'll only ever get to play a few games from the same series when you buy one of these. Modder Az_HD 1 wanted to expand the usability of the Arcade1up cabinet, so he managed to mod in a Switch dock slot that lets him play his Switch on the cabinet's built-in screen. The mod even lets you use the cabinet's arcade buttons! If I had a bit more technical know-how, I'd love to grab one of these cabinets and do the same!

Thanks to MysteryMan for the heads up!

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Sat Dec 14 19 03:24pm
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It's incredibly easy, but you don't want to put it in there. The monitor (especially on older models) is a terrible quality 5:4 monitor with a 1280x1024 resolution (newer ones are actually quite nice, 4:3, and 1280x960) and since the Switch is made for widescreen everything will look squished or heavily letterboxed.

Just chuck a Pi in there with some arcade rooms.

Looks awful squished on the screen.


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