Talking Xenoblade Chronicles 2 with the Voice of Pyra & Mythra, Skye Bennett!

To celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 we're joined by Skye Bennet (The voice behind both Pyra & Mythra)! Join us as we find out more about Skye, how she got involved with the role, and her experiences bringing Pyra & Mythra to life!


I really should thank Skye, her voice acting was so bad that I switched to the Subbed version and never went back. Normally I make the switch far too late in the game but with Xeno 2 it came really fast.

Sun Dec 15 19 04:26pm
Rating: 1

I haven't played it for sme time and thinking of getting back to it sooner than later, but was her VA really THAT bad? Can't remember hating it at least.

Sun Dec 15 19 07:54pm
Rating: 2

I didn't think it was but for some reason people are way took picky about that stuff.

Mon Dec 16 19 02:45am
Rating: 1

It seems so.. I remember liking it actually, but as said I will get back to it soon. Restart it even.

Why didn't they get the voice director from the first game? The Dub is horrendous in 2

Anyone who watched this can let me know if there is any spoiler talk?

"Clara Oswald" Had a VA role in XC? Who?

"Clara Oswald" voiced in XBC??? Who?????


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