Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate - producer Shintaro Kojima leaves Capcom

Capcom has announced that Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate producer Shintaro Kojima has left Capcom. Kojima has been involved with various Monster Hunter games over the years including Tri, 4 Ultimate, Freedom and a lot more.

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Mon Dec 16 19 02:58pm
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I wonder what this means for the non-mainline Monster Hunter entries. I get the feeling they halted progress on anything they were working on to bolster the unexpected success of Monster Hunter World. If his team was only making DLC/assets, I can see how his role would have devolved into something very unfulfilling.

That's unfortunate, but not the first team people left. Wasn't it quite a bit of the original team left and had made Earth Seeker? Still hoping that gets a port too, as unlikely as that is.

I wonder what made him leave though.


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