Switch leads to break in murder case

A burglar broke into University of South Alabama professor Matthew Wiser’s home on Nov. 20th, 2019, shot and killed the man, and stole his Switch. Believe it or not, police were able to track down the burglar through the Switch's online activity.

When the Switch went back online after the theft, police used that unique signature to track down Tiquez Timmons, who admitted to being the getaway driver for the burglary. Timmons implemented Derric Scott as not only the one who stole the Switch, but the one who pulled the trigger and murdered Mr. Wiser.

Thanks to Blake for the heads up

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Who's Blake

Sad time for a guy who had a switch. Rest in peace Mr.Wiser.

Wed Dec 18 19 02:10am
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He was teaching at a college, too! The students and faculty of the University of South Alabama are probably getting crippling depression from all the grief.

While the professor’s Nintendo Switch put those criminals to justice, you still can’t help but feel bad for (and give condolences to) everyone at a college.


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