More 'The Legend of Heroes' games could be coming to Switch based on Falcom's 'PS4 first, Switch later' release strategy

How long do we have to wait?

Thanks to a translated comment by NintendoSoup from a recent Falcom investors Q&A session, we can expect more Nintendo Switch releases from The Legend of Heroes series. According to the company president, Toshihiro Kondo, Falcom always focuses on Playstation 4 first, and then releases a Switch version later. Perhaps we could see a release of Hajimari no Kiseki on Switch in the near future.

“The Legend of Heroes: Hajimari no Kiseki will be released in Summer 2020 for PlayStation 4. Up till now, our platform strategy for Japan is to focus on PlayStation. But we also have a strategy whereby we focus on PlayStation 4 first, and later Nintendo Switch. Sales (for Falcom’s Nintendo Switch titles) overseas have been increasing in the last few years, and we are well aware that many players want to play our games (such as those in The Legend of Heroes series) on ‘platforms other than PlayStation 4’."


I would definitely back this under one condition: The gap between the PS4 and Switch version releases should be as small as humanly possible.

Wed Dec 18 19 11:58am
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Unless circumstances fall into place a la Ys VIII, I doubt that will be the case. If Falcom is trucking along with PS4 first, that probably means Sony has them in a temporary exclusivity contract. I just hope they're prepared to have Sony US censor their games more than what Steam and Nintendo does.

With that censorship, It will benefit Nintendo and Falcom in the long run if played smart.

  1. Falcom develops the game as usual.
  2. Applies the censorship for PS4 release while keeping the original cut.
  3. Work on the Switch/Steam versions with all uncut/unmodified content.

Sadly Falcom is a small team (even smaller than GameFREAK, but without the backing of Nintendo/The Pokemon Company). It'll be too expensive to make two versions of the same game.

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