Dragon Quest V novel author files criminal complaints against the Dragon Quest: Your Story film team

You slime!

Dragon Quest V novel author Saori Kumi has filed criminal complaints with the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office and Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department against the production committee of Dragon Quest: Your Story. Kumi says those involved with the film used her work without permission and also changed it, which violates Japan's copyright laws and Unfair Competition Prevention Act.

Kumi didn't stop there though, as she also accused the production committee of fraud, a breach of trust, and corporate embezzlement. Those involved with the film are yet to respond to the accusations. It's likely this battle is going to get much uglier before things are solved.

Thanks to Lars for the heads up!


Oof. Well, if that's what happened, I hope she wins. I wonder what SE is going t do here.

Given the movie's very heavily to relatively negative reception, I'm very interested to watch this unfold and see how this is talked about.


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